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G U T. G U T.

“It all began in my kitchen. I started with a handful of bacteria, a mission to become an expert in ancient fermentation, and a lot of experimentation.” -Adina Bier

Each unique GUT. GUT. recipe is made with love, time, and care.

  • We handcraft in small batches.

  • We naturally carbonate.

  • We always leave it unfiltered.

  • And we like it raw.





We mindfully source the highest-quality- organic-ingredients because at GUT. GUT. we believe that the f o u n d a t i o n of the ferment is where tasting the difference all begins.

The ferment will never be better than the origin of its’ raw ingredients. That is why, every ingredient we use is authentically organic, genuinely h i g h - q u a l i t y, potent, f a i r t r a d e, and additive-free. Our water is filtered through the most advanced technology from LEOGANT, and our fresh products are sourced from a variety of local organic suppliers.


[good] GUT. GUT. [darm]

a bilingual play on words. ‘Gut’ means ‘good’ in German. ‘Gut’ means gastrointestinal tract in English.


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The Founder

Adina Bier is one of the true pioneers of handcrafted fermentation in Berlin. Having fermented for over a decade, fermentation for her was more of a hobby than a profession until she switched gears from design curating to exploring integrative health full-time. Now, as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Consultant (with a specialty in the gut + mind), fermentation became of the utmost importance to her. GUT. GUT. was born with a mission to help her community strengthen their guts!